Tea Mail – May 2005

The 2005 Meng Ding Spring Harvest Has Arrived!

Fresh, organic Meng Ding teas are now available for purchase at the Seven Cups Tea House and online from our updated, information-packed website.

We have added several exciting rare teas to our line.These are the freshest of the fresh, harvested in March. These are the very first teas harvested in China this year. The harvest in the eastern part of China was very late because of a cold winter, but did not affect the harvest in the west.

Meng Ding Shan is the oldest tea gardens in the world. It is located in one of the most famous historical tea producing areas in China – the pristine high mountain summit of Meng Ding Shan in Sichuan Province. We are very honored to be able to offer our customers several extraordinary new varieties from the first harvest this spring. Please know that the configuration of the Stone Flower Tea is very unusual and rare. The are an average of four buds per plucking and the buds are very tiny. The Snow Drop Jasmine (the literal translations from the Chinese is more like ‘snow flakes falling into deep mountain pools’ is the best jasmine tea we have ever found in China hands down. The tiny pluckings of the early spring are never used to make jasmine tea anywhere else. The Mao Feng is now a rare tea, just a good drink everyday green tea.

2005 Meng Ding Spring Harvested teas
Meng Ding Stone Flower Organic Green Tea
Meng Ding Sweet Dew Organic Green Tea
Meng Ding Mao Feng Organic Green Tea
Meng Ding Snow Drop Scented Jasmine Tea
Expanding and Upgrading Our Puer Selection

We will be publishing and article soon called “Demystifiing Puer” which we will post on the website. We hope we can give people a clearer idiea about puer in a simple understandable context.

Having just traveled to the home of puer tea, Yunnan Province, we are currently in the process of expanding and upgrading the selection of puer teas. We temporarily have fewer puers to offer but we will soon be able to provide you with an unparalleled selection of the finest authentic puer.
Check back later to view exceptional new varieties.

Seven Cups Featured in ” Tucson Life Style”

An article in this month Tucson Life Style begins with a full page picture of our owner, Tea Master Zhuping Hodge, and a gracious essay on seven cups. Writer Gillian Drummond discusses the multiple branches of the Seven Cups tea business and describes our philosophy about high quality tea.
The piece is the most recent in a series of articles that have been published since Seven Cups opened its doors in April of 2004.

Seven Cups Participated in the Third Annual Benefit Concert for the Academy for Cancer Wellness on April 16.
The Seven Cups staff volunteered at a Tucson local church for a benefit event for the Academy for Cancer Wellness. Seven Cups provided fine teas during intermission. Before the concert, Seven Cups set up a refreshment booth and then joined the audience to enjoy a fine performance by dancers from Cecily’s Dance Tech–a dance studio located next to the Seven Cups Tea House. At intermission, attendees enjoyed cups of fresh-brewed green, jasmine, black, and oolong teas with delicious light snacks. The performers ended the second half of the performance to the sound of enthusiastic applause, wrapping up a successful night for Academy for Cancer Wellness.

Blair Tea’d Up for Election Victory?

Six days until the General Election and pressure is mounting on the party leaders, but a secret weapon in the election campaign has been revealed – the humble cup of tea. A survey of the leaders of the key parties, carried out by The Tea Council, shows exactly who is tea’d up for victory.

Tea Ingredient Fights Leukemia

Tea extracts shut down leukemia cells but help normal cells fight cancer and infection, a lab study shows.

Tea May Help Pevent Diabetes and Cataracts

Add another line to the list of benefits from drinking tea: New research suggests that tea may be a simple, inexpensive means of preventing diabetes

Why a Tea Garden?

If you have ever been to a Japanese tea garden and participated in a tea ceremony you know how tranquil, healing and centering it can be.

Component of Green Tea Protects Injured Livers in Mice

A new study investigating the effects of the major flavonoid component of green tea on hepatic steatosis (fatty liver) found that it significantly protected livers that suffered ischemia/reperfusion (I/R) injury in mice.

Green Tea Helps Reduce Red in Rosacea

Green tea may be a safe and beneficial treatment for rosacea.

Green Tea ‘May Protect the Heart’

Green tea could help protect against the damage caused by heart attacks and strokes, researchers suggest.

Green Tea Promotes Dramatic Weight Loss In Diet Product

The hottest news in weight loss appears to be green tea. Green Tea extract contains polyphenols which can help dieters shed pounds