Tea Mail – August 2005

Things are busily whipping up into shape as new teas pour in from China and we scramble to get descriptions, images and knowledge transmitted to our customers. Right now we are working hard getting all of our new puer on line. Qizi (seven piece) bingcha, bamboo puer, Golden Melon Tribute puer, Seven Cups Special Order puer tuocha, mini tuocha, and many kilos of loose leaf puers have arrived. We are most excited about the big leaved tea trees from which our puer is made. Less and less puer is being made in Yunnan these days due to the increased demand and limited production from these big leaved tea trees. It’s these big leaved trees that offer the true taste of Yunnan puer as well as the most remarkable health-promoting characteristics. We are very keen on direct importing the finest, highest quality puer with the greatest health benefits for our customers.

I have made three trips into Yunnan this year and we feel confident that all of our puer is the best quality available. We’ve acquired some aged puer, but our main focus has been on getting the best quality green puer for aging. We are currently stockpiling some of this green puer for aging in our own facility. When you purchase puer, consider buying one black – or cooked – and one green – or raw – puer for both your present and future enjoyment. We hope you will enjoy these offerings. Having done extensive research with our producers in China, we feel confident that we can answer any question you might have about puer. Please have patience with us while we re-build this knowledge into our ever-evolving website.

We are sorry that we have been out of stock of some of your favorite teas from time to time. We spend a lot of time and effort each year sourcing tea in China, actually visiting, interviewing and inspecting every place where we get our tea and then some. China is an enormous country with a lot of tea. We have been working on supply chain issues. With our new little warehouse offices both in Tucson and Guangzhou now open we manage to minimize those problems. As many of you have noted in your emails, we’ve been able to lower a lot of our prices as a result. We always price our tea based on our costs instead of what the market will bear. We appreciate the positive feedback that we continue to receive from you.

We have been aware that people weren’t able to add comments or ask questions on our blog. This has now been resolved. Please visit our blog and feel free to post your own tea news or tea stories or merely comment on what you find there. Archer has done a great job posting interesting tea-related news daily. He and Zhuping are spending many hours a week updating the outdated or erroneous content on our site. We also appreciate the users who have made us aware of broken links. Thank you. Look forward to seeing some new photos soon – all of which were taken on our trips to China.

Sales of teaware through www.sevencups.com is on the way! We’ve visited YiXing, China twice this year and have found a group of outstanding artists offering very fine work at, what we judge to be, excellent prices. Our teahouse in Tucson, Arizona has been selling fine porcelain, glass and yixing teaware since it opened its doors. Now that we have established ourselves with YiXing artisans we can offer it to you online. We have some really stunning pieces. We are very excited about showing you. First, we have to photograph each piece and write descriptions etc.