Tea Mail – November 2005

Seven Cups Dear Seven Cups Tea Club Members,

It has been a long time since we have sent out a newsletter. I apologize! We have been so incredibly busy that we have let many things slip while we race to catch up and the newsletter has been on of those things. The blog has fallen into disuse as well, but we are slowly catching up., I am happy to say. You may have noticed if you have visited our website recently that we have cleaned up things considerably, in fact the whole site has been redesigned. That has been a lot of work, and thanks to Creative Slice and Tim Bowen, a tea lover and true Tucson talent, it looks great. We will be adding new features to the site in the coming months. A big part of what we have been working on is getting our new tea selections on line, which is a lot of work. We have been taking photo’s and writing descriptions, and we thing that our new information especially about our puer selection. I am trying to rewrite most of the content a lot of which is incomplete. I have been to Yunnan three times this year working on puer research, once with Zhuping, and we think we have a great selection and really good information. We spent all of our time with Hu Hao Ming, who helped write the standards for puer for the Yunnan government. We had great fun in our travels with him and learned a lot. We still haven’t gotten it all of it on line yet, but we are making head way. (Please keep in mind that we also run a tea house and have a pretty busy wholesale business with only three full time people. Yikes) We will also have Yixing pots online sometime soon. We have most of the photos taken. We have also made a couple of trips to Yixing and have contacted with a group of artists that we think are dedicated to their tradition.

Seven CupsTea Club Member Discount Now 10% !!

We really appreciate everyone’s support, patronage, and feedback. We have decided to increase the discount that tea club members receive to 10% with our thanks. We are also wanting to have weekly specials to go along with our monthly specials.

I wanted to mention one of our wholesale customers, Boca Bean and Tea Company. They were recently hit by hurricane Wilma. They are very good people that have been supplying green tea to children with AIDS in Haiti. Things are really tough in Florida as well as the rest of the Gulf Coast, and the word doesn’t seem to be getting out about how tough things are for them down there. I felt compelled to mention them to you because they are in our thoughts. I haven’t had a chance to do a lot of health research lately so our newsletter will not have the usual research links this month, but since we at Seven Cups/Green Dragon have been mentioned in a few articles I thought I would include them.

Our best wishes to you all!
Austin Hodge

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