Year of the Dog

It’s been a couple of weeks since I’ve had a change to write anything here. The holiday season has been a busy one. The new year is coming and in a Chinese/American family like ours, the holiday season gets extended for another 6 weeks.

This coming year is the Year of the Dog, and the Fire Dog at that. It is a year that is very family oriented. Compassion, loyalty, giving, are dog characteristics, but being a Fire Dog year, a certain amount of adventure could be expected. Dog years are also a good time to pay attention to details, without pushing too hard for money and status. There can be a lot of worries in dog years, but we can hope for compassion for our worries from our families and friend. It should be a good year for paying attention to friends and family. Of course I’m making all of this up, but it sounds pretty good to me. It seems to me that most of life is about friends and family. I wish that the Year Of The Fire Dog is a great year for all of you. (That includes you blog spammers too. I don’t know how you do it.)

I hope you will make at least one of your dog adventures a tea that you have never tried before.

Happy New Year!!!