Green tea polyphenols may cause liver damage in high doses

Research indicates consumption of compound in concentrated pill form can be unhealthy
This story is from the University of Toronto. For me the health benefits of drinking tea has always been the icing on the cake. I’ve never considered taking a green tea pill, I love drinking it too much. Last year there was a lot of buzz in India about a tea pill that you could drop into a cup of hot water and have a cup of tea. Hmmm, I bet that was good. I haven’t seen any on the market. Still, when I look through the supplements at the grocery store here in Tucson, there are plenty of green tea supplements.

Zhuping and I were at the Natural Products Expo four years ago and we were surprised to find that green tea extract had been added to dog food. Of course we have always advocated that dogs get good quality brewed green tea in their bowls, and cats too! Now come to find out that concentrated green tea extract could be hurting our animals livers. Is that animal abuse? The mice at the University of Toronto were certainly not happy. I can understand taking the green tea pills though, having tasted some of the green teas that are available in the same grocery store. Besides tea, I have heard that red wine and chocolate are also pretty good for you. I wonder why the pill form for red wine and chocolate haven’t made it to the supplement isle yet?