Tea Mail – February 2006

Seven Cups Dear Seven Cups Tea Club Members,

Wow, what happened to January?

That was really a fast month! We hope you all enjoyed Chinese New Year, we certainly did. Zhuping’s mom and dad are here from Chongqing, so we had lots of spicy food. In China, new year is the biggest holiday of the year and goes on for a couple of weeks. Leo and Lina are out on holiday now and won’t be back for a week.

In January the big news internationally was the price of Chinese tea on the high end. Harrod’s in London started selling some kind of TieGuanYin for about $15 per cup, $3000 a kilo! Ouch! Here is an article from the Mirror in the UK. Surprise! The English are discovering they have been drinking poor quality tea, but they are sure paying a lot for good tea. The other story that caught my eye was an article in the Toronto Globe and Mail, a Canadian newspaper strong in business reporting, about the puer trade within China and young Chinese investors. I think all of this means that more and more people, including the new consumers in China, are beginning to discover good quality tea.

This month we have added more puer cakes on line and we renewed some of tea that was out of stock. We are putting all of our WuYi Mountain rock oolong on sale this month. The WuYi mountains are the origin of all oolong and black tea’s, and even the origin of the tea which is being grown in Darjeeling now. The fragrance, taste, and healing qualities of this area has been famous for more than a thousand years.

Best wishes from all of us at Sevencups/Green Dragon Enterprises, Zhuping, Keiko, Josh & Julian (our kids), Ellen,  Bob, Tim, (in America) and Lina and Leo (in China).

– Austin