LIFE: Your health. Your body. You’re Kidding!

Oh really???
Sorry I have been away for a while, from the blog anyway. This was one that I had to squeeze in a little time to write about about. It had to happen sooner or later. I saw on TV a commercial a short time ago about a bottled ice tea drink containing ECGC, with some guy running up a mountain in China to see a jaded old monk. I thought that was pretty humorous. But I think the topper is the new drink from Coke and Nestle, Enviga, (is that like Viagra?) whose amazing calorie burning ingredient is green tea.

LIFE: Your health. Your body.
Coca-Cola and Nestle have teamed up to create Enviga, a sparkling green tea that scientists say works with the body to create a “negative calorie effect.” Scientists in Switzerland tested the product and found that consumers in the lean-to-normal weight range burned 60 to 100 more calories by drinking the equivalent of three cans of Enviga a day. The drink, which will sell for $1.29 to $1.49, will be available nationwide in January.

Can we have a carbonated oolong or puer soon?