Survey Winners

We are happy to announce the winners for our survey participation gift certificates. The winners were Eric Banister and Gerry Seifert. (They gave us permission to use their names.) We received such a good response, that we decided to award two $50 gift certificates. The winners were randomly pick. There were a lot of people that didn’t leave us an email addresses, so we had no way of notifying them.

The feedback that we received was very positive, so THANK YOU!!! It really means a lot to us. We received some great suggestions about how to improve our site, so we will be working on that. There will be more video, an interactive tea map, and some improvements to our basic interface. There were some negative comments too, that we are paying attention to.

This is the first time we have done a survey, and for us it was a big success. We may do another when we can think of some good questions. We really appreciate the time it takes to take a survey like this and there were a lot of people that wrote very insightful comments. We may publish some of them soon if we can get the time ask the people that summited them for permission.

Thanks again and congratulation to the winners.