Seven Cups Denver Tea House Review

Here is a nice review of our Denver tea house that appeared on Cafe Society, the Westword Food Blog in Denver. I was in China during the grand opening, but by all accounts, it was very successful. Mikel is in Denver this week, it seems as if I will be the last one to get there, since Keiko, Andrea, and Zhuping have all gone over to help get things set up. Greg looks pretty happy about things. They are doing a great job there.

It seems as if Denver is growing market for tea according to Marty Meitus of  the Rocky Mountain News. There have been a number of tea places that have opened recently. Marty visited a tea/beauty shop combo from Estee Lauder.  Marty had a cup of coffee instead of tea, not being a ‘tea drinker’.  Isn’t that like going to a winery and ordering a glass of beer? Granted the tea/beauty shop combo might have had me wanting a coffee to go with my sweet potato cinnamon roll too, just to protect my western sensibilties. My cowboy grandfather, a tea drinker, would not have had a problem with campfire tea, but I doubt if I could have dragged him into an Origins. My son, also a tea drinker and sensitive about his skin, would love it.

Marty, come over to Pearl Street and have a cup of Da Hong Pao, or Da Fo Long Jing, of maybe a Dan Chong oolong. It’s tea for people that are not tea drinkers.