Seven Cups and Creative Slice launch new site

After more than six months worth of work, our new site is online! We have all worked hard on this project and we are all pretty excited to see it come up. Tim Bowen at Creative Slice is the creative energy and technical wiz, while the rest of us have been uploading pictures and writing.  We hope that you will enjoy it. We also need to thank the Word Press community, because our site is completely done with Word Press. We love open source.

We have a lot more writing to get finished in the next couple of weeks, and we are still a couple of years behind getting the research on-line than we had already done. We also have more than 60 hours of video that we’ve filmed in China to get edited and on-line, not to mention thousands of photos. Zhuping and Andrea are doing more video podcasts, and Andrew and I are going to do some video podcasts as well, where we’ll do tea tastings in the back room of our little warehouse starting soon.

If you use Twitter please tell everyone what tea you are drinking. If you put ‘sevencups’ in your Twitter post it will be picked up by our Twitter feed.

It’s late and I need to get home for dinner. We hope you enjoy our site.