China Beefs Up Its Tea Export Laws Providing Seven Cups a Unique Position

China Beefs Up Tea Export Laws…Seven Cups, Arizona Tea Company, Positioned To Benefit.

“The Chinese government in 2008 drastically changed the export laws related to tea in order to avert any more scandals related to contaminated food products. One American company, Seven Cups in Tucson, Arizona is uniquely positioned to take advantage of the new Chinese export laws. Seven Cups is the first tea company in America to obtain its own Chinese trading license.”

As a tea importer, there are a lot of challenges we face to get good, artisan produced, Chinese tea to America with a completely transparent and open supply chain. It has always been out goal to directly connect the tea producers with our customers. Being granted our own Chinese Trading License, has finally made it possible to completely control our supply chain so that there are no gaps in authenticity, as this press release highlights.