Sevencups-Free Tea Tastings

Eight Immortals in a Gaiwan

One of the best ways to learn about tea is coming to our free tea tastings. Each week we concentrate on a different set of teas in a guided session with Seven Cups’ staff. Check out what’s on tap for this week.

Seven Cups Tucson 3:00-3:30 March 13th  Eight Immortals Rock Oolong 2008 & Ye Fang (Wild Bush) Dan Cong Oolong 2008

Seven Cups Denver 3:00-3:30 March 13th  A Rock Oolong and a Black: Eight Immortals Rock Oolong 2008 and Organic Lapsang Bohea Black Tea 2008 are both dark, heavier teas with a hint of sweetness that come from Fujian Province. Come try them side by side and explore the differences of an Oolong and a Black grown in the same soil.