A Green Tea Ceremony Involving a Gaiwan

Gaiwan Tea Ceremony

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This video covers tea ceremonies involving a gaiwan. Practice along with your own gaiwan! We also carry a selection of gaiwans in our shop.

Gaiwans are lidded bowls used for brewing tea. It can come in porcelain, glass, yixing clay, or jade. Gaiwans are composed of three parts-the lid (gai), the tea bowl (wan), and the bottom. The bottom portion is used to protect the person’s hand from heat while the lid is used for stirring the tea back and forth for an even brew.

In this video, the gaiwan tea ceremony is demonstrated with green tea. Green tea is brewed around 180 degrees but be sure to cool down your water to an appropriate amount if it’s needed. To begin, you should do a cursory wash and heat the gaiwan. Zhuping uses a porcelain pot as an additional vessel to contain the water before using it to brew the tea. This is because pouring boiling water over green tea is not advised! Green tea is typically more delicate and you can upset the flavor of your tea this way. If you do not have another vessel to contain the water before pouring it over your leaves, adding 3-4 tablespoons of cold filtered water will also work. Pour the cold water directly on the leaves before applying the boiling water if you use this method.

Shake the dry leaves before applying the water, then offer it to your guests for them to enjoy the aroma of the dried tea leaves. Shaking the leaves releases the fragrance of the leaves.