Is it White or Green Tea? – Free Tea Tastings

One of the best ways to learn about tea is coming to our free tea tastings. Each week we concentrate on a different set of teas in a guided session with


Seven Cups’ staff. Check out what’s on tap for this week.

Ming Qian Anji Bai Cha in Gaiwan
Ming Qian Anji Bai Cha in Gaiwan

Seven Cups Tucson 3:00-3:30 March 20th: Bai Mu Dan (Preferred Peony) White Tea (Organic) 2008 & Yin Zhu Silver Dragon Pearls Scented Tea 2008

Seven Cups Denver 3:00-3:30 March 20th: Two Greens, or is one White? Meng Ding Gan Lu (Sweet Dew) and Ming Qian An Ji Bai Cha are both sweet Green Teas….or are they? Come find out why Ming Qian is often mistaken for a white tea, and taste the difference in the grades of green.