Free Tea Tastings This Friday-Green, Black and Puer Tea

[singlepic id=632 w=220 h=140 float=right]One of the best ways to learn about tea is coming to our free tea tastings. Each week we concentrate on a different set of teas in a guided session with Seven Cups’ staff. Check out what’s on tap for this week.

Seven Cups Tucson 3:00-3:30 April 10th: Liu An Gua Pian (Organic) Green Tea 2008 & Tai Ping Hou Kui (Organic) Green Tea 2008

Seven Cups Denver 3:00-3:30 April 10th: A Puer and a Black We go for a little sweetness with Preferred Puer 2007, a perfect introduction for new Puer drinkers, and Spring Dawn Keemun 2008, a lovely amber-colored black with some golden buds mixed in with the mature leaves.