Tea Ceremony with Zhuping | Part I of III

How to Perform a Puer Tea Ceremony

In this video, Zhuping Hodge, tea master and owner of Seven Cups, demonstrates how to perform a tea ceremony. Tea ceremonies have rituals that are steeped in a rich history. While these tea ceremonies can be performed on any category of tea, in this particular video installment, Zhuping focuses on puer tea. (Puer tea is a fascinating category of tea, so if you find yourself interested in learning more about it, visit our Learn about Puer Tea page.) The video will cover how puer tea was transported in the past as well as the origins of black puer from a historical reference.

Learn which utensils are typically used in a tea ceremony in addition to the way in which these ceremonies are performed. Zhuping covers two methods of brewing tea in this video–that of a yixing tea pot ceremony and the cooking, otherwise known as the boiling, method. You’ll learn how to perform these ceremonies and how to enjoy the tea’s liquor in this instructional video.

We also perform yixing tea pot ceremonies in the tea house, so if you’d like to see these ceremonies performed in person, feel free to visit us at the tea house! We perform yixing tea pot ceremonies for select Rock region wulong as well as select green and black puer teas. Currently, the teas we perform the service are as follows:

Rock Oolongs: Da Hong Pao (Big Red Robe), Qi Dan (Original Bush for Big Red Robe), Que She (Sparrow’s Tongue), Bai Ji Guan (White Rooster Crest), Xiao Hong Pao (Little Red Robe), Shui Jin Gui (Golden Water Turtle)

Shu Puer: 1995 Tai Lian (Brick)

Sheng Puer: Jing Mai Teng La Zi Juan (Purple Tea Buds cake)

Incidentally, Yixing tea ware has a fascinating history as well. We have an expansive inventory of yixing tea ware so if you’re interested in possessing a yixing tea pot of your very own, we’re likely to have something that piques your interest here.