5am in Beijing – Puer Tour

I’ve come out of my twelve hour flight from LA feeling pretty good. I’m good for sleep on the plane. I got a bulk head seat which is even better, almost like having a business class seat. No movies and basic food but that’s ok too. Because of disease control we all had to have our temperature taken on the plane. A bunch of guys with masks came by with a thermometer that looked like something from Star Trek and zapped us all in the forehead. The Beijing airport is massive and empty. It is easy to imagine the rising noise level as people arrive. Most people are not aware that the Chinese are a culture in love with the noise of people. The frenzy to get in line, buy gifts, snacks for the flight, say good bye to friends and family…will watch over this massive monument to get to flight like a flood.

I’ll be in Kunming (Yunnan Province) before the mornings out. Traveling an epic distance while sleeping comfortably. Now if I can get some water for some green tea or some puer or even an oolong. Ok. Now I have some Bi Luo Chun. I’m checked in and waiting for the plane. It would have cost $5 for tea on the plane and not been very good.
Best wishes

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