Another 4am morning on the puer tour

This is when jet lag gets me the first couple of days, predawn I’m wide awake. We spent last night going over the plans with Mr Hu and Mr We. Since this type of tour has never been done before, there are a lot of negotiations. Zhuping has already spent a lot of time in talks. We will get what we had planned…

Dr Bryon Su has joined our group. He is a researcher with Kunming Institute of Botany & Chinese Academy of Science. We are lucky to have him come along. He has been researching the origins of tea in conjunction with the New York Botanical Gardens.

There has been an ongoing controversy since the English claimed to have discovered the origin of tea in Assam in the middle 19th century. It looks like the Chinese are going to win this one. The result of this research will be published soon. Of course we are drinking a lot of great puer while these discussions occur. Here are some photos. The trip members will start arriving around midnight and everyone will be here by lunch tomorrow.


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