Leaving Tucson..Puer Tour

As much as I am excited to go, it is still hard to leave my family and the great staff at Seven Cups. My camera is in my suit case and my camera bag is stuffed with goodies, including a blueberry muffin from the Epic cafe here in Tucson. Thanks Mikel and Alex, and special thanks to Andrew for not eating it before I came to pick it up, an inspiring feat of self discipline. I also have some great tea in my camera bag and suit case. I can’t live on puer alone. I did bring enough for everyone on the bus. I’m going try to post here often during our trip. It is so cool to be doing this from my Blackberry. Man, I love this phone. I will show some restraint and not post during my long lay-over in LA. I will check in again in Beijing hoping that T-Mobile will pull through for me. If you don’t hear from me you will know why. In the mean time, I love this phone. Austin
Best wishes