Puer Tea Tour Day 6

Jinggu County has the largest forested area in all of Yunnan. Jinggu City is a small but active town. We spent day 6 in the refurbished Cha Ma Shi Jinggu Puer Factory making a 50 kilo Golden Melon, and then playing a great game of basketball with the factory team. We were each rewarded for our 27-18 victory with a kilo puer cake. The sign in back of us reads, “The Chinese American Friendship Game“, loosely translated. Everyone learned a lot about puer, we had a lot of fun. We finished our day with some dancing at a local disco where the bouncing dance floor was packed. Kevin Rose and Tim Ferriss did a video cast outside which we are dying to see when we get back. It was really a great day. Here are some highlights.


PS. If you are wondering why we are not responding to Facebook or Twitter it is because they are blocked, at least for now in China. If you are reading this on Facebook it is because the posting program that I am using is not blocked.  I have been able to access Twitter with my phone, but not all the time.

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