Puer tour day 3

This morning we left for Yiwu Village after spending the night in the Yunnan Botanical Gardens. Our small bus blew out its clutch in the old city of Puer where we had stopped for dinner. We got another bus and drove to there Botanical Gardens and made it to bed around midnight. We had breakfast at a sidewalk noodle shop and drove to Yiwu. We met up with He Tian Neng, the tea master we had come to see. We first when for a visit to his home village. We visited thousand year old tree and also an eight hundred year old tree. After lunch on the terrace hill side inn we visited Mr. He’s home and drank tea. At the time I visited him a few years ago, he was making puer cakes in a small workshop of his courtyard. Because of the new Chinese safe food laws, he has built a more modern workshop which we visited later and watched as they made cakes by hand. We finished off the day with dinner in the same country inn, and the drank tea and beer out on the sidewalk by our hotel, and shot off fireworks in the middle of the road. Everyone had a good nights rest and survived squat toilets and jet lag.

Best wishes,