Puer tour – Leaving Kunming

The solar eclipse has blocked out half of the sun, and we are stuck in traffic, the normal morning traffic plus the people going blind from staring at the sun through tinted windows. I will finish off the day by day commentary when I get back. The hardest part is sorting through and deciding which to post. I need an editor that can make hard decisions. I have a lot more to write about besides we when here and did that. I’ve learned a lot about the current state of the Chinese tea market. We have also had a very interesting experience that deserves some commentary. I appreciate everyone that has been following our trip. I also want to thanks everyone on Facebook that wished me a happy birthday. I’ll contact everyone when I get back and have access to Facebook again.

The eclipse is very clear through the clouds and it seems for right now people have become a little bit bored watching the slow progress of the moon and are going about their busy day. We are still stuck in traffic hoping to catch our planes.

Update: Xiao Zhu has missed his plane. It has taken us an hour and a half to make it three kilometers. We are pressing on like a slow murky river. Could it be that I am sleepy because of carbon monoxide poisoning?

Update: On the plane at the last minute