Puer Tea: China's Next Hot Commodity? – TIME

Here is a recent story published by Time.Com about puer. It is coming on the heals of Hong Kong’s first tea expo, and of course puer was the hot topic there. I had been invited my the mayor of Puer City (Simao) but I couldn’t summon up the energy to make a quick trip to HK, even with my expenses paid, after just recently recovering from the Puer Tour. The really cool thing about this article is that they provided a link to both Tim Bowen’s Puer Tour Web Site, and Glen McElhose’s blog.


Puer Tea: China’s Next Hot Commodity?

There is Champagne, France; Tequila, Mexico; and Parma, Italy — all places turned trade names known for their unique, high-quality foods. Now, if China has its way, there could be another: Puer.

This lush corner of Yunnan province in China’s south is home to one of the world’s hottest teas. Puer tea may not look like much — it is typically sold in heaps resembling cow patties — but one mug of these aged leaves can fetch up to $1,000. The drink is touted for its health benefits and is loved for its light, earthy taste. It is already a hit in Hong Kong, where rare teas are a status symbol among the city’s élite, and it is generating hype outside China, too. Three high-profile Silicon Valley techies recently tweeted and blogged their way through a Puer tea tour of Yunnan. Dieters, meanwhile, are buzzing about rumors that Victoria Beckham, the svelte former Spice Girl, drinks Puer to lose weight. (Read “Storming the Teacup.”)

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