Welcome Laila, Mongolian blue spots and all! UPDATE

What a great way to start the new year with the birth of a baby girl to our beloved friend and long time tea house manager, Keiko Naito and her partner John Archer. Here is the email announcement from Keiko who is currently living with her family in Kyoto.

“Folks who are not on Facebook… Of course, I would deliver the News
to you, too!

Keiko Naito has a piece of good news. After having almost 48 hours of
contraction and less than 15 minutes of actual delivery of a baby,
Keiko and Archer finally get to meet our daughter! Yes! Our baby is
born! It took more than 5 days to deliver her after Keiko’s water
broke, but she is Genki,  drinking and sleeping well. People who want
to know about my long battle of labor(I think every mother has their
own story to tell about their labor. ) , I will tell you about it
later. :-)

Keiko’s baby has pitch black hair like herself! At this point, she
looks more yellow kind than white. (You go figure what it means
yourself :D) It seems she even has Mongorian Blue spots on her back!!
do you know what they are? I hear even some doctors in North America
don’t know about them. Now, it is another chance For you to know about
Asian babies! :p She is born at 4:45pm on February 15th. She weighed

Our daughter’s name will be revealed soon and, Yes. She is a Tiger.
Yes. She is Aquarius.

I forgot to say 新年快楽!! Happy New Tiger Year!! I guess I celebrated
2010 Chinese New Year’s day in a unique way, By having intense
contraction all day! :(

Keiko & Archer”

We can’t wait to see her.



The baby’s name is Laila. (Genki means cool in Japanese, which I wasn’t cool enough to know) What a cute girl. Here are some photos…