Seven Cups Reaches Cult Status

“Little known and seldom advertised, this tea room has been elevated to cult status by the people who visit regularly.” via Tea Rooms in Tucson |

OMG…I wonder what the implications of having cult status are. Does it mean that our customers have been brain washed by tea making them dazed and zombie like? Does it mean that I have become a cult leader with mystic and other worldly powers? More likely it is Zhuping that is the leader. But maybe I could get a discount on cult movies playing at the Loft Cinema?

There is certainly no doubt the the staff has been deeply affected. Why else would they work so hard for so little money? No attempts  at deprogramming have proved to be long lasting. Sure people have ventured to  Teavana and Teagschwendner up in Phoenix, but they have shown up back at work on time. Andrew has even tried to get away going as far as the tea houses in New York and Boston, but he has always been pulled back to Seven Cups. He’s headed to Taiwan this summer claiming to be a Chinese student. He doesn’t even look Chinese.

It would seem that what ever the benefits might be, I wonder if they offset the problems generated by not being very good at advertising. Does it mean that we might be more effective by chanting at airports? I can only hope we don’t run afoul of the Chinese government, they take a dim view of cults in general, even though they are very popular here in the US.