Seven Cups: Talk of the Town

Best of Tucson

This year both our teahouses, in Tucson received a four star rating from Talk of the Town for ‘Excellence in Customer Satisfaction’. We are honored to have such a rating, but we also received what for us is the best award of all,  ‘Best of Tucson’. This is the sixth year for us in a row winning in two categories ‘Best Tea Service‘ and ‘Best Bulk Tea‘. Thank you so much Tucson Weekly readers. We are pleased to be in Tucson. We are often asked why we are in Tucson and not New York or San Francisco. It is because we love Tucson, the people that live here, the richness and diversity of culture, the beauty of scenery and the lushness of our desert, and the friendly small town feel and pace of life. There is nowhere we would rather live.

Thank you once again.

Austin, Zhuping, and the staff at Seven Cups