Seven Cups 2011 Tea Tour Announcement

Our 2011 tea tours itineraries are online now. We are only doing two this year, we are just too busy to do three. The spring tour only has one more opening and the puer tour is filling up quickly, so if you have been planning on coming, get registered as soon as you can. We were able to reduce the price this year because we are getting better at getting deals. We are not a tour company and we only bring small groups, so we don’t have much negotiating power, but this being our third year of doing these tours has helped us to get some reductions. Zhuping and I are both going to host the spring tour, and perhaps the summer tour as well. We have discovered a way to drop Julian off with his grandparents in China and still be able to complete the first grade. It will be great for me because I can give more focus to photography and it will be helpful to Zhuping because I can help explain things in English, and both of us can have more fun.

We are also going to be able to include more teas in our spring tea tour. We will visit producers of green tea, yellow tea, wulong tea, white tea, black tea, and display teas. The food will be great, and the scenery like something out of National Geographic. We are very excited about this years tours and sharing how we see China, tea, and tea culture.