Year Of The Rabbit Sale Ending

Tim at the Dali Street BBQ
Tim at the Dali Street BBQ

Our Year of the Rabbit sale is coming to a close on February 28th.  We like to start the year with a month long sale with all of our teas discounted. The sale has become a tradition for us, so remember it for next year. It’s become part of our company’s Feng Shui.


The Year of the Tiger turned out to be a really good year for tea in general. It was great to see a surge of interest in puer over the last year. We have some new puer cakes that are coming on line soon. They are already available at the tea house, and we will have them online in the next couple of weeks.

Our sale has given us a chance to take our upgraded shopping cart for a spin and show off our new web design courtesy of Tim Bowen at Creative Slice. Tim has been designing our site since 2005.  He is a dedicated tea drinker, I’d go as far as to say hardcore. He’s even been with us on a puer tea tour of Yunnan. He’s recently announced his wedding. Congratulations Tim! Thanks for you friendship and great work.