2011 Tea Tours Sold Out, Great Firewall Look Out

Temple Garden Dali Yunnan

Our tea tours are full for 2011. I’m excited about this year’s tours because I get to be a bit of a tourist myself. I get to just kick back and take pictures. It is the first time I have been able to do that since I started Seven Cups. All of my trips to China have always been completely focused on work, and I guess that photography is part of my job, but it is more fun for me.  I love the Chinese countryside, and I am never bored with the scenery. It will also be fun spending time with the other people in the groups. There are a number of people that have gone on our tours before that are now friends, and I’m sure that the people that I don’t already know will be friends by the time the tours are finished.

The other aspect of the trip that really has me excited is that I am going to try and do some real time blogging, making use of my new iPad2. For those of you that don’t already know, our site has been done completely in Word Press, and for those of you that are geeky enough to know what I am talking about, there is a WP app for the iPad, that allows me to work from my iPad and do such things as upload video directly. Of course it can’t be ‘real’ real time because I will need a Wifi connection, but it will certainly be a lot more real. I tried this and failed on a Blackberry in 2009, because we got into remote areas of Yunnan where nothing was possible. I may be able to do it tethered to my unlocked Google phone using a Chinese carrier.

I am also hoping to break through the Great Firewall and get some tweets out. Kevin Rose was able to do that with his iPhone when we were traveling in Yunnan in 2009, by using a Twitter app. I am loading up with different apps to see if I can do the same. Using Posterous.com for getting blog posts posted works. Anyway, all of that is geeky fun for me.  Hopefully you will benefit by watching our tour progress day by day.