Happy New Year from Seven Cups

All of us at Seven Cups want to wish everyone a Happy New Year. Our wish is for you all to have good health, prosperity, and happiness. Our wishes are filled with gratitude to our friends that have kept us in business for twelve years and our tea house open for ten years. Our list of friends in America, China, and across the world is so long it is just overwhelming to think of. It fills us with a joy that rarely comes from being a small business. Seven Cups is a business that leaves us all looking forward to going to work everyday. What a gift for a little business in Tucson Arizona! Every new year we begin the year with numerous ideas about how we can do a better job, make more friends, and try in some way to enhance the lives of the people Seven Cups comes in contact with. We are committed to the idea that business can make life better. The poem that is the inspiration for our company promises the fulfillment of needs on multiple levels through tea. Tea has certainly given that to us, but it has come through our friends, just as it did for Lu Tong, the author of the poem during the Tang Dynasty. Thank you friends and Happy New Year!

Austin Hodge

Note: The photo was taken in 2002. It was the first time I had spent anytime with Zhuping. We planted some tea together. It was taken in the mountains around Dapu in Guangdong Province. She had just become certified by the Guangzhou government to teach tea culture to the teahouses in Guangzhou. She is still teaching in Tucson Arizona.