Seven Cups Tea Blog Evolves

Andrew & Rose “Seven Cups Tea Blog Evolves” sounds like a pretty weighted title — as if to say some mutation has happened. It’s a challenge to think up a good title.

There is no mutation, but rather evolution characterized by progress. Seven Cups is a lucky company in so many ways, and one of the most significant areas where our luck is great and continues to get better is the Seven Cups staff. One of the areas where our staff really shines is their knowledge of Chinese tea and Chinese tea culture. The quiet expert that has worked at Seven Cups since 2007 is Andrew McNeill. There are few people in the tea industry in the West that know as much about the subject of tea than Andrew. He also knows the company inside and out and has done every job that the company has, from serving tea at the teahouse to doing the books. Anyone that has spoken to him on the phone, or dealt with him in person, know what a pleasure he is to work with. His customer service is impeccable and his service to the company has always come from the heart, he even learned to speak Chinese so that he could do his job better.

Zoe Rose Lambert is a Tucson native that started with us more than a year ago serving tea at the teahouse. From the beginning she showed talent with photography and video editing. She has moved over to work with us in the warehouse, focusing on the artistic side of our company, redoing the photographs of our catalog, and helping with the upcoming version of out website, hopefully that will be published within the next couple of months. She even worked with Zhuping to produce brewing instructions videos for everyone of our teas.

Andrew and Zoe Rose are going to be taking over the Seven Cups tea blog from me, and will be working with Zhuping to put together more consumer education oriented blogs while I work on a project that will need my undivided focus for the foreseeable future. I will continue to publish some blogs from time to time, and I will do my best to act as an editor helping Andrew and Zoe Rose, but this will be my last tea blog for a while.

I am very proud to hand this over to them and I have great confidence that you will appreciate their writings about tea and tea culture. They will also be looking after out social media feeds. I can still be reached via email to answer questions. I want to thank the readers of the tea blog. I am going to be doing research in China and other tea growing areas with the hope that I can bring a deeper understanding of tea culture and history, so that people can become better educated about how the tea industry has come to it’s present state and where it might be going in the future.