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Ingredients for Rou Gui tarts

Rou Gui Chocolate Mousse Tarts

If you have never taken a sip of piping hot rock wulong tea and immediately followed it with a square of good chocolate, letting it melt luxuriously on your tongue as it mingles with the rich, complex aftertaste… Well, what on Earth are you waiting for? Oh, you want both flavors in one convenient recipe?… // MORE

Raspberry Hibiscus Lemon Tart

With summer well underway, it’s a good time to break out a zesty and refreshing recipe! I had never tried hibiscus tea until I began working at the tea house, and my first taste was certainly a shock — I hadn’t anticipated such a mouth-puckeringly sour flavor from a flower. My train of thought went… // MORE

Zesty Orange Doughnuts with Black Tea Cream

Doughnuts are the type of pastry that seem daunting, but are in fact fairly easy to make. They do take time, however; this is a recipe that is easiest when started the night before, because the separate components need time to rest in the refrigerator. Brioche is a buttery, slightly sweet yeast dough that yields… // MORE

The Chinese Origins of Earl Grey Tea

Tea is the most commonly consumed beverage in the world, and in the western hemisphere, the majority of the tea enjoyed is black tea. Perhaps the most popular and recognizable variation is Earl Grey tea, a slightly smokey blend infused with the essence of bergamot orange rind, probably in an attempt to imitate the citrus-like notes… // MORE

Ginger Cupcakes with Matcha Buttercream

Spring is officially here — Or, as most Arizonans think of it, “Summer: The Saga Begins”. It’s the time when ice creams and iced teas are coming back in vogue, and bakers are tucking away our rich, spicy, warming winter recipes and looking for something that blooms with more delicate characteristics. Swiss meringue buttercream is… // MORE

A Foodie’s Perspective on Tea

Tea is many things to many people; a beverage, a ritual, a medicine, a comfort. Whether it’s sustaining you through a busy day, bringing family and friends together, enhancing your health and wellness, or warming your body and soul, tea is a common link between many different cultures, and the way that each culture prepares… // MORE

Tea Drinking of Ethnic Minorities in China

A large part of launching our new website includes a brief (considering how intricate tea history is) scope through the history of Chinese tea.  I’ve been lucky to be presented with the opportunity to sit down with our tea master and owner, Zhuping and receive a one on one history lesson of Chinese tea culture. Zhuping… // MORE

Freshly picked Shifeng Longjing

Plagiarism and Tea Ecommerce

Last week a fellow tea entrepreneur emailed us with a question.  We had never spoken before, so he wasn’t sure how to approach us about a very sensitive issue. He had been searching for a map of Shi Feng Mountain and noticed that some of our photos and content appeared to have been lifted from… // MORE

2010 Spring Teas are Online!

So while we here at Seven Cups have been like kids in a candy store with the new spring teas arriving, you, our beloved customers and friends, have been pressing your noses against the glass, waiting for the moment when it’ll be your turn. That moment is now. The best, freshest green tea available is… // MORE

Adding Local Flavor

Friday and Saturday I decided to do things a bit differently and made a variation of the following recipe for the free tea tastings at the Botanical Gardens. I got the idea from one of my favorite frequent guests at the main Seven Cups location when she came in the preceding Wednesday and made me tea…

Tea Mind

This morning it rained in Tucson! For many people living in many places this would be a dreary event; but here in the desert it’s cause to celebrate. Our water-harvesting barrels become full, and our few plants receive a much-needed dusting…

Tea and an Open Mind

There are thousands of anecdotes and stories about tea being used to open the mind and spirit, and there is plenty of research that confirms tea’s benefits for the brian. Recently, however, I had tea open my mind in a new way.

The Unfathomable Mystery of Tea

Sometimes I am amazed at how much bad information there is out there about tea. I can’t even tell you how many people come in to Seven Cups or the Botanical Gardens with their friends and want to look intelligent by saying something about tea, and it turns out that what they say is completely wrong…

Tea for Health (And Hedonism)

At the teahouse we tend to get what Zhuping calls “tea people,” those who know tea and drink tea for the sensual experience, the taste, the aroma, the story. It seems that most of the people who come into the Botanical Gardens tea room, however, are more interested in the health benefits than anything else…

2009 Teas Online!

All of our new 2009 teas are available online!  We have new Wu Yi Rock Oolongs, An Xi Oolongs, Scented Jasmine teas, our robust black teas, more white teas, and the rest of our green teas.  We have been hard at work to get them available to you by the weekend, so enjoy taking a… // MORE

New 2009 tea shipment- fresh in!

Additional 2009 spring teas have arrived and are ready to enjoy!  After our first shipment of Silver Needle and Jun Shan Yin Zhen proved extremely popular, we now have them back on the shelf ready to order.  We also received the gorgeous Tai Ping Hou Kui and Liu An Gua Pian, along with Premium and… // MORE

Where's our Zhuper? And is that taped to his chest?

ZhuPing is working hard in China to source our tea and prepare for the Oolong Tea Tour.  We’re here back in Tucson missing her! Why am I smiling?  I didn’t get the memo.  We don’t understand the whole “memo” concept around here.  Our TPS reports will be forever without cover sheets. -Christine

Shi Feng Long Jing – Dragon Well country

Hangzhou is completely different than the bamboo forests we’ve been living in these past few days. It’s cosmopolitan and reminds us of France with tree-lined streets. In the morning, we watched Mr. Weng Shang Yi (Shi Feng Long Jing master) flip bud + two leaves and press them flat in the wok to give the… // MORE

Tea Tour – Dejing (Mo Gan Huang Ya) Yellow Tea

Waaaaaaaaaaaay out in the beautiful countryside past bamboo groves, we drove up Mo Gan mountain to visit with Mrs Wang Qiang Zhen and watch the Mo Gan Huang Ya (a rare yellow tea) process. The local TV station had arrived before us and was eager to film our reaction to the special tea process. One… // MORE

Celebrate Hump Day with us by peeking Over the Hill!

To our favorite pet MBA- HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Our very own Mikel Chertudi turns a graceful 30 years old today.  As I watch him cringe at the attention, he’s sporting his very first beard, in an attempt to look older.  Maybe by tomorrow it will turn into a goatee in an attempt to look younger. Here’s… // MORE

Austin Dons Laurels

It’s been a week of big honors for Austin. So big, he had to ask me to write a blog entry about it, fearing if he made these announcements himself he’d lose his all-important façade of modesty. Jokes aside, we were proud to learn this week that our own Austin Hodge is the first American… // MORE

Green Tea Tour, Oolong Tea Tour, Puer Tea Tour

This year, due to long, persistent, and persuasive requests from our friends, customers, and tea producers, Zhuping and I have decided to take some tea crazies to China with us. Zhuping will lead the green tea tour and the oolong tea tour in the early and late spring, and I will lead a tour to… // MORE

Dr. Shah and Keemun

I went to see my cardiologist today. He is a great doctor and last time I went to see him I brought him some tea since I like and appreciate him so much. He is an Indian-American so I thought I would bring him some black tea, and I chose some Keemun, which is one… // MORE

Seven Cups Denver Tea House Review

Here is a nice review of our Denver tea house that appeared on Cafe Society, the Westword Food Blog in Denver. I was in China during the grand opening, but by all accounts, it was very successful. Mikel is in Denver this week, it seems as if I will be the last one to get… // MORE