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Tea and an Open Mind

There are thousands of anecdotes and stories about tea being used to open the mind and spirit, and there is plenty of research that confirms tea’s benefits for the brian. Recently, however, I had tea open my mind in a new way.

Tea for Health (And Hedonism)

At the teahouse we tend to get what Zhuping calls “tea people,” those who know tea and drink tea for the sensual experience, the taste, the aroma, the story. It seems that most of the people who come into the Botanical Gardens tea room, however, are more interested in the health benefits than anything else…

The Safety of Chinese Teas

Recently I sent out a newsletter that had a picture of puer being fermented. Someone sent me an email that said that the photo was not appropriate for people who were already afraid about the safety of Chinese products.I can understand why that might be a perception commonly held…

New 2009 tea shipment- fresh in!

Additional 2009 spring teas have arrived and are ready to enjoy!  After our first shipment of Silver Needle and Jun Shan Yin Zhen proved extremely popular, we now have them back on the shelf ready to order.  We also received the gorgeous Tai Ping Hou Kui and Liu An Gua Pian, along with Premium and… // MORE

Health & Wellness Lectures begins @ Seven Cups Tucson

We are excited to announce our Health and Wellness Series starting March 31st at Seven Cups Tucson. Over the next months a variety a speakers will stop by our teahouse sharing information on creating a healthy lifestyle. These lectures are free with a teahouse purchase. The first series begins March 31st with our own Andrea… // MORE

Tea Chemistry for the New Year

Andrew discovered this on YouTube and I think it’s great. There is not a lot of tea chemistry in this video, and some of the things he says are not accurate, an least about the difference in caffiene between black and green tea, but he sure is fun to watch.

Dr. Shah and Keemun

I went to see my cardiologist today. He is a great doctor and last time I went to see him I brought him some tea since I like and appreciate him so much. He is an Indian-American so I thought I would bring him some black tea, and I chose some Keemun, which is one… // MORE

Daily cuppa may affect bone density

Post by: Melanie Hingle, MPH, RD Greetings Seven Cups Community! So it’s been awhile since my last nutrition post…here’s an interesting tidbit from Down Under – a new study by Devine et al at the University of Western Australia suggests that tea drinking may potentially aid in the prevention of osteoporosis, a debilitating disease described… // MORE

ScienceDaily: Green Tea Holds Promise As New Treatment For Inflammatory Skin Diseases

ScienceDaily: Green Tea Holds Promise As New Treatment For Inflammatory Skin Diseases: “Green Tea Holds Promise As New Treatment For Inflammatory Skin Diseases Science Daily — Green tea could hold promise as a new treatment for skin disorders such as psoriasis and dandruff, Medical College of Georgia researchers say.” I just wanted to mention this… // MORE

Health and Tea – Posting #2 in a Series

Posted by Melanie Hingle, MPH, RD (Center for Physical Activity and Nutrition, University of Arizona http://cpanarizona.org) As if we needed more proof that tea is good for you!…a new study published in the journal Cancer Epidemiology Biomarkers & Prevention (by Yang et al. Vol 16, Pages 1219-1223) found a 37% risk reduction for colorectal cancer… // MORE

Health and Tea – Posting #1 in a Series

Hello to the 7 Cups Community! Posted by Melanie Hingle, MPH, RD Austin has asked me to join the 7 Cups Community as a regular contributor to this website, focusing primarily on the health aspects of tea and related topics. (Of course, he didn’t realize what he was getting himself into when he did!:) Just… // MORE

BBC NEWS | Health | Cup of tea may help boost memory

Every Chinese student tasked at memorization as the key component to education knows how helpful tea is to memory, but this is really important for all of the families struggling to take care of a family member with dementia. This is great news to me personally because I take care of my dad and he… // MORE

LIFE: Your health. Your body. You’re Kidding!

Oh really??? Sorry I have been away for a while, from the blog anyway. This was one that I had to squeeze in a little time to write about about. It had to happen sooner or later. I saw on TV a commercial a short time ago about a bottled ice tea drink containing ECGC,… // MORE

Tea Contaminates

I promised to answer a question I received through an email (Sorry it has taken so long) on the blog, because it is an issue of concern to all of us. The person that wrote me had heard a lot about Chinese tea being contaminated with pesticides, lead, and other contaminates, and he wanted my… // MORE

Green tea polyphenols may cause liver damage in high doses

Research indicates consumption of compound in concentrated pill form can be unhealthy This story is from the University of Toronto. For me the health benefits of drinking tea has always been the icing on the cake. I’ve never considered taking a green tea pill, I love drinking it too much. Last year there was a… // MORE

The FDA, Green tea, Cancer

Waking through the information about tea and health is at best murky and confusing. What tea is good for your health and why? There is so much research out there that a full time researcher would be necessary to sort through it all. The FDA recently refused a request to issue a “Qualified health claim”… // MORE

Flu and cold season…

As I sit in my bed with a cold, I thought this might be intersting to you. FYI, I am drinking some puer with lots of Chinese herbs in my system, and chicken soup on the stove. I might add that I am not suffering too bad, but here I sit none the less. Green… // MORE

LA Times has an interesting article…

What is interesting about this article to me is the FDA’s input. Research with tea and it’s findings can be slanted in so many ways. If you go to the FDA’s website there are many labeling claims that relate to green tea that the FDA doesn’t dispute. The research with green tea starting with the… // MORE

Green Tea & Diabetes

Blood sugar ailments such as diabetes are a serious issue in the Gulf States and neighboring Middle Eastern nations. Tea can treat diabetes!

Green Tea: What It Is and Why It’s Studied

Possibly sparked by the FDA’s decision on labeling of green tea as an anti-carcinogenic agent, the American Institute for Cancer Research has been pumping out quite a bit of information for the general consumer as well as pointing out cases of solid research. Green Tea: What It Is and Why It’s Studied Green Tea Targets… // MORE

Controversy over green tea as anti-carcinogenic

. . . the continuing controversy that is. See earlier post – FDA Decision: Lots of anti-oxidants, but anti-carcinogenic? – to read new releases following the US Food & Drug Administration’s (FDA) decision. Studies Show Green Tea May Prevent Cancer

Green Tea & Autoimmune Disorders

Stephen Hsu’s work continues to receive attention: Green tea could fight autoimmune disorders Dr. Hsu is a researcher at the Medical College of Georgia – School of Dentistry. His research inquires into whether green tea makes an impact on autoimmune disease as well as its well-known anti-carcinogenic effects. Green Tea May Protect Against Autoimmune Diseases… // MORE

FDA Decision: Lots of anti-oxidants, but anti-carcinogenic?

The FDA reviews the scientific literature and fails to find a good case for green tea being an anti-carcinogenic agent. Oh boy. Cancer Pathologist Ignites the First Green Tea Health Claim Discussion with FDA; Sin Hang Lee, M.D. Advocates Quality Green Tea Standard for Health Benefits Business Wire FDA Rejects Green Tea Cancer Claims WebMD… // MORE

Dark Chocolate & Green Tea

The incidence of cancer in today’s human population is on such an alarming increase that the word “exponential” barely does it justice. It’s no surprise then that medical researchers are continuously on the look-out for food which has the greatest potential for disarming the environmental, dietary and genetic dispositions that lead to cancer. Why are… // MORE

Acclaim for White Tea Compiled by Science Digest

Cancer-Preventive Potential Of White Tea Study Finds Rare Tea May Be Healthiest of All SAN FRANCISCO, March 29, 2000 New Study Shows Tea Extract Protects Skin; White Tea Extract Reveals Anti-cancer, Anti-aging Properties Cleveland (January 27, 2003) White Tea Beats Green Tea In Fighting Germs NEW ORLEANS – May 25, 2004 -jda