Ba Xian (Eight Immortals)

Organic Rock Wulong 2018

Great for tea drinkers looking for a strong flavor and high aroma. Drinking this tea is like flying in heaven’s garden hence the name Eight Immortals from the famous Chinese myth.

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Tea Origin
Fujian Province

Tea Bush
Ba Xian (Eight Immortals)

Tea Master
Lin Qu

Harvest Time

Picking Standard
zhong kai mian (3 slightly open leaves)

In the 1980’s, tea producers began to take the Eight Immortals bush from Zhao An city in Fujian province to cultivate it in the foothills of the Wu Yi Mountains. In the decades since, Eight Immortals has become one of the most popular non-local bushes used in Wu Yi tea making and for good reason.

This certified organic tea has a strong sweet floral fragrance that fills the room once brewed. Eight Immortals is known for having a concentrated scent and a body of sharper, heavier flavors similar to Dan Cong wulong. The mineral rich soil of the Wu Yi mountain area also lends a delicate and building mineral sweetness that creeps below the naturally strong aroma of Eight Immortals. Great for tea drinkers looking for a strong flavor and high aroma.

No chemical fertilizer, pesticide, or herbicide was used in the production of this tea. Click here to read more about our promise to fair trade and the environment.


Ba Xian (Eight Immortals) 2018 brewing guidelines

Teaware: 12 oz. glass, porcelain or yi xing clay pot
Amount: 1 Tbs of tea leaves
Water: 212°F (boiling) filtered water
Infusion: First infusion at least 2 minutes. The leaves are good for 7 infusions.