Big Belly Yellow Yixing Clay Cup

65 ml


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This cup is made from “Duan Ni,” also known as “Huang Ni” (yellow yixing clay). Duan Ni clay is more rare and expensive since there is not as much of this pure yellow clay than other yixing clay colors. There are subcategories of different types of each color of clay, this cup is made from “Zhi Ma Duan Ni” clay (black sesame yellow clay) which has speckles of black sand, giving a more complex appearance to the clay. The light color of the clay allows you to see the color of your tea as you sip.

This cup is shaped in the classical style that Chinese like for tea drinking cups. This shape is named “Dadu” meaning “big belly” which resembles a large belly when you look at the cup upside down. It looks small, but can hold a large amount of tea. This can be used as a collection piece or used to serve tea while enjoying the artistry of the cup. Pottery master Ding Xin Guo official seal is carved in to the bottom, showing the authenticity of this handmade cup. He spends time carefully laying clay on the outside of the cup that he manipulates with wooden utensils, giving the cup a textured feel. The body has a peony flower with dragons flying through Chinese lucky clouds around the rim. According to Chinese culture peony is a symbol of a rich and colorful life, having the chance to meet many interesting experiences in life. We wish that tea can be one of the interesting joys in your life, expressive and colorful like peony flowers. The lucky clouds and dragon give the wish that you will have success and good fortune in your career and endeavours in life.

Chinese like to use small drinking cups when sharing tea with their friends, so everyone can enjoy each infusion and how the tea’s flavor develops. When you have time to sit down and slowly sip your tea infusion by infusion, small cups are a way to calmly enjoy high quality tea. Small cups will cool down the temperature of the tea much faster so you can drink it sooner. When drinking tea for thirst, health benefits or everyday consumption, the Chinese use large mugs or pint glass to drink a larger amount of tea at a time. Like all of our yixing clay products, this cup is unglazed and the original color of the clay. Yixing clay will absorb aromas easily so do not use soap to wash it, just rinse off with boiling water when you are done with them.