Blue Mountain Porcelain Tea Caddy


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This blue mountain tea caddy holds about 2 oz of tea, depending on the size of your tea leaves. How you store your tea is very important to continue to get good flavor from your tea after you purchase it. Normally we recommend using our foil bags, just seal them well and store them on the counter. If you don’t think you can finish the amount of tea in a few months, storing it in the refrigerator is ok. Tea caddies are a way of storing a small amount of tea in a more aesthetic manner.  People also often use tea caddies for bringing tea elsewhere to share. This piece is made from Jing De Zhen, a famous hometown for porcelain. Each one is hand painted with blue, without the use of chemicals that can be harmful. The outside is very smooth and delicate. Inside the lid is foam covered in foil to help stop the oxidation of your tea. It is a convenient and small, and a beautiful way to store your tea.

During the Han Dynasty (25-200 AD) Jing De Zhen, located in northeast Jiangxi Province next to yellow mountain, began producing porcelain. In this time, the porcelain was very thick and not good quality. During the Song Dynasty, the quality became much better because the emperor chose Jing De Zhen porcelain as a tribute material. Jing De Zhen porcelain is famous for delicate hand painting. All the masters are very skilled and need to be well trained. They use special clay to produce pieces that are white as jade, playing with natural glaze to create a shiny mirror effect with paper thin walls. They produce all types of porcelain products, and is not specific to only teaware.

The name “China” to describe porcelain was coined hundreds of years ago when China was selling porcelain to the western world. People would ask where the porcelain came from and the Chinese would say “Chang Nan”. To foreign buyers who were not fluent in Chinese, they created the word “China” which was close in pronunciation.