Cherry Blossom Pink Porcelain Tea Set with Tray

400 mL / 100 mL

A very finely worked porcelain tea set from Jingdezhen glazed in delicate cherry blossom pink and lined with gold. A matching set that comes with a teapot, four cups, a small tea caddy, and a tray.


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A very finely worked porcelain tea set made in historic Jingdezhen. This matching set includes a teapot (400mL), four cups (100mL), a porcelain tea caddy, and a tray. The delicate cherry blossom pink glaze of the teapot, cups, and caddy show up in sharp contrast on the gold-lined black porcelain tray. The gold-lined teapot has a removable perforated stainless steel strainer and an overhead metal handle for easy brewing and pouring. The small tea caddy holds a few weeks’ worth of tea. This set is excellent for entertaining or for family use. All pieces pack into a well-padded case for safe storage.