Dan Cong Wulong Tea Sampler

Single-Bush Wulong Teas

The highly fragrant Dan Cong wulong teas from Guangdong Province are propagated from single tea plants with unique aromas and flavors.


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Tea Origin
Wuyi Mountain, Fujian Province

The highly fragrant Dan Cong wulong teas come from Guangdong Province, near the Chaozhou city area, a great center of Cantonese tea culture. Each variety of Dan Cong wulong is propagated from a single tea plant with its own unique aroma and flavor. This sampler includes three different Dan Cong cultivars, as well as Shui Xian (Narcissus), which is now grown as a rock wulong in Fujian Province, but whose mother bush originated in Guangdong. Includes 10 grams (2 servings) each of every tea. Total 40 grams tea. Each serving of leaves can be re-infused multiple times.

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Every season, we update the selection of teas included in the sampler. While the teas may change, you can always expect a variety of quality choices from our catalog.

The selections included in the tea sampler are listed below. Click on the names of each tea to learn more about their origin and processing style.

Please note that packaging materials and tea may change from that pictured according to available stock.

Dan Cong Wulong Tea Sampler 2019

Yu Lan Xiang (Magnolia) 2019

Huang Zhi Xiang (Yellow Sprig) 2019

Mi Lan Xiang (Snow Orchid) 2019

Shui Xian (Narcissus) 2019