De Qu Duan Ni Yixing Teapot

280 ml


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The characters engraved in this pot are “Jing Yu De Qu”, meaning “to gain enjoyment in tranquility.”

Duan Ni clay also called “Lao Tuan Ni”, is originally a yellowish white color when it is extracted from the ground. There are many types of Duan Ni that have different colors once they are fired. The type used to make this pot is slightly more tangerine-colored than others. Because of Duan Ni’s rarity, it is typically used for blending with other clay types to achieve different colors. Duan Ni is fired at 1180 degrees celsius and is expected to shrink about 12%. Duan Ni is also regarded as one of the most “breathable” clays in Yixing. Perhaps it is because of this that the clay seems to suit a variety of different teas and feels especially easy to brew a smooth and balanced infusion with.


Yixing pots are traditionally unglazed, allowing them to both mineralize tea brewed in them and allow the tea to “breathe” through its permeable surface. This qualities enhance the flavor of the tea brewed in the pot. Over centuries of Chinese tea culture and tradition, Yixing pots have endured in popularity for this very reason.

An unglazed pot will easily absorb the flavors of tea brewed in it. We suggest devoting a pot a single category of tea for the most pure flavor. Additionally, never use soap to wash your Yixing pot, as it will absorb this flavor too.