Ge Kiln Tian Qing Porcelain Tea Set

Teapot and 6 cups

A refined tea set with a large pot and six matching cups in the distinctive pale gray-blue-green Ru Yao Tian Qing glaze with a faint crackle pattern.


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The simple lines of this refined tea set showcase the captivating color of its distinctive pale gray-blue-green glaze. Known as Ru Yao Tian Qing, the heavy glaze is laced all through with a faint crackle pattern. This was the favorite color of the Song Dynasty emperor Song Hui Zhong. Its pale semi-translucence resembles the ethereal color of the sky right after rain, just before the sun shines through the dispersing clouds. The warm brown of the exposed base clay contrasts beautifully with this pale, cool color.

With a 750 mL capacity and six matching 120 mL cups, this large tea pot can serve large groups as easily as one. With a built-in strainer behind the spout, tea leaves have plenty of room to open up within the body of the pot. The pot’s small, high-set spout and overhead iron handle with a rope-wrapped grip provide a carefully controlled pour.