Guangxi Kuding Bitter Tea

Caffeine Free Herbal Tea 30 grams

Large leaf Guangxi bitter tea produces a bitter flavor that develops a lightly sweet aftertaste. Considered strongly cooling in Chinese herbalism, used to treat sore throat, congestion, acne.


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Tea Origin
Guangxi Province, China

Guangxi Kuding Bitter Tea is very bitter in taste. The large twisted sticks will open in to large leaves. The tea color is a soft, light green. According to Chinese medicine, anything bitter has cooling properties. It is a very popular herbal tea that many Chinese families like to keep on hand to prevent colds or for consumption to reduce inflammation. Teachers, singers, tour guides, and anyone who use their voice regularly will carry bitter tea with them everywhere to cut down on “fire” or inflammation in their throat.

One village in Kuding in Daxing County in Guangxi Province produces this particular bitter tea. During the Song Dynasty, about 1,000 years ago, a man moved a bitter tea tree from the Long Hai region in Guangdong Province. Guangxi Kuding tea was even considered a tribute herbal tea for the emperor when he needed it to prevent or relieve sickness. We suggest you drink this tea when you feel you are starting to catch a cold or when  your throat becomes scratchy. Use one or two sticks. depending on how much bitter taste you can handle. Add some local honey to help balance the bitter taste if you desire.

Guangxi Kuding Bitter Tea brewing guidelines

Teaware: 16 oz glass, cup, or porcelain pot
Amount: 2 pieces
Water: 212F filtered water
Infusion: 1st infusion at least 2 minutes. This herbal tea is good for 5 infusions.