Hei Zijuan (Purple Leaf)

Sheng Puer Cake 357g 2008

A sheng puer cake made from the spring harvest of the forest-grown Zijuan dark purple tea tree variety, which has fully purple leaves and stems on the young growth. The unusually colored leaves produce a smooth and complex flavor that is easy to drink, with mineral notes and a lingering sweet finish.


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Tea Origin
Jinggu County, Pu'er City, Yunnan Province, China

Tea Bush
Zijuan Quntizhong (Purple Leaf Heirloom Yunnan Tea Tree)

Tea Maker
Gong Liping and Ran Yijun

Harvest Time
Late April

Plucking Standard
One bud, two leaves

The Hei Zijuan (Purple Leaf) 2008 sheng puer cake is made from the leaves of a unique tea bush in southwest Yunnan named Zijuan. The leaves of this bush are surprisingly dark purple-red at the very beginning of spring. However, if they are not harvested while young, they will eventually turn green as they mature. Their purple color is indicative of a high presence of anthocyanins (flavonoids), zinc, and amino acids. To retain this nutrition and produce this unique sheng puer cake, the leaves are usually harvested near the end of April, when they are still tender and dark purple. This Zijuan purple tea leaf puer cake uses tender leaves harvested at the traditional one bud and two-to-three leaf puer plucking standard for a fuller flavor that is very smooth and complex, with a lingering finish.

Compared to the Zi Ya (Purple Buds) sheng puer cake, the purple leaf sheng puer cake has a deeper body. The richness in the nutrition of the tender leaves makes for a very smooth, complex flavor with a lingering finish. Additionally, the leaves’ richness in amino acids and their older vintage combine to yield a flavor without any bitterness at all. It is an excellent tea to drink now or continue to age.

No chemical fertilizer, pesticide, or herbicide was used in the production of this tea. Click here to read more about our promise to fair trade and the environment.

Total cake weight may vary due to the gradual moisture loss with aging.


Hei Zijuan (Purple Leaf) 2008 brewing guidelines

Break off a small piece from cake (learn how)

5 grams tea

12 oz 100°C (212ºF) water

3 min. first infusion

At least 5 infusions: 3, 3, 5, 8, 10 minutes