Jun Yao Kiln Red Glazed Ceramic Teapot

260 mL

A Jun Yao Kiln red glazed ceramic teapot. A unique teapot with brilliant red glaze that changes color near the edges of the pot.


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This striking Jun Yao Kiln red glazed ceramic teapot is the rarest red color of glaze. While the main body of the pot is glazed in a glossy deep red, the glaze fades to light golden brown on the handle and the tip of the spout, with the occasional hint of palest warm blue. Near the base of the pot and the bottom of the handle, the smooth red glaze changes into a rough matte black. Drips of red glaze texture the irregular transition zone, highlighted by fiery streaks of dark gold as the red fades into the black. The artists achieve this dripping glaze effect by repeatedly changing the very high temperature of the kiln when firing. They periodically raise the temperature to melt the glaze until it begins to run, then lower it again to let it re-solidify somewhat. This allows the glaze to move slightly down the sides of the pot each time, letting the drips form naturally. As a result, each tea pot acquires its own unique pattern of drips and colors on the handle and the base of the pot.

This pot is great for brewing any type of tea. The inset strainer behind the spout holds tea leaves inside the pot while pouring. The tall, angled handle makes it comfortable to hold and easy to pour.

Pictured with our Wood Fired Ceramic Saucer, sold separately.

Jun Yao Kiln

This piece of ceramic tea ware comes from Jun Yao Kiln, a famous producer of pottery since the Song Dynasty. This particular shade of deep, bright red, known as Jun Yao Hong, is made by adding cinnabar to the glaze. Red is the most difficult color to make, while purples and blues are easier to manufacture. Jun Yao Kiln is known for producing porcelain glazed in the brightest colors. The Jun Yao ceramic makers mix their own glazes and carefully guard their secret recipes.