Lu Yu Peng Cha (Lu Yu Making Tea) Yixing Clay Cup

50 ml


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This small size, natural, unglazed red yixing clay cup is handmade. The embellishments are all hand carved. The picture is expressed by the poem on one side of the cup, depicting Lu Yu, the famous tea master who wrote the first professional tea book Cha Jing  about 1,200 years ago. In this scene, Lu Yu’s servant is helping him cook tea in a bamboo forest, which by research appears to be in east chang Huzhou City which is crawling with bamboo. The little boy servant is helping him boil water, using a fan to make a fire. Lu Yu is waiting for his great friend and spiritual teacher Jiao Ran, a famous monk and poet who is as crazy about tea as Lu Yu. When Lu Yu passed away, he requested to be buried with his best friend so they could enjoy tea in heaven as immortals. We hope that when you enjoy tea from these cups you can share the pleasures of tea with your friends.

The Chinese like to use small drinking cups when sharing tea with their friends, so everyone can enjoy each infusion and how the tea’s flavor develops. When you have time to sit down and slowly sip your tea infusion by infusion, small cups are a way to calmly enjoy high quality tea. Small cups will cool down the temperature of the tea much faster so you can drink it sooner. When drinking tea for thirst, health benefits or everyday consumption, the Chinese use large mugs or pint glass to drink a larger amount of tea at a time. Like all of our yixing clay products, this cup is unglazed and the original color of the clay. Yixing clay will absorb aromas easily so do not use soap to wash it, just rinse off with boiling water when you are done with them.