The Origin Series

A Subscription Service for the Rare and Exceptional

A year-long journey into teas that our producers consider their absolute best. Twelve deliveries, one for each month from February 2022 – January 2023.

We’ve planned 2022’s program to be a close study of China’s most prestigious tea origins. Each month will bring a variety of teas, often from multiple tea makers, but from a single region.

Expect teas that pay homage to almost forgotten processing techniques, rare heirloom varieties, and gold-standard examples of teas that make their regions famous.

Note: This is not a month-to-month subscription. Your purchase of this program includes all deliveries from February 2022 to January 2023.

Registration has closed. If you are interested in know when The Origin Series is available again, please send us an email.

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Seven Cups seeks out tea makers and teas that we think are exceptional. Often it’s not just us who feel these experts of their craft are special — their industry peers and Chinese domestic customers do too. As a result, some of the teas they make come in such limited quantities and fetch such extraordinary prices that prevent us from bringing them into our regular catalog. Despite being a very small company with limited resources, it’s always been our dream to bring these teas to you.

Providing a year-long subscription service for a limited number of customers gives us the ability to realize this dream. That’s why we offer the Origin Series — a year-long journey into China’s most prestigious tea origins and the teas that our tea makers consider their absolute best.

A tea factory with a blue roof under a clouded sky.

Seven Cups’ Origin Series offers:

  • A delivery of tea each month from February 2022 to January 2023. Deliveries contain two to five different teas, typically 75 – 100 grams of tea total. The exact quantity of tea in each delivery will vary.
  • A dedicated monthly email newsletter with in-depth information about each selection and the people behind it.
  • For subscribers living in or visiting Tucson, Zhuping will host in-person subscriber-only brewing sessions of each month’s teas. These sessions will be held privately, during closed hours at our teahouse. (Proof of vaccination is required to attend.)
  • Free delivery in the United States and Canada. Worldwide delivery is available with an additional flat rate of $350 ($29.17 / delivery).
  • Your questions and comments about these teas are personally answered.

What kind of teas will I get?

Deliveries will span all styles from green tea and black to wulong, white, yellow, scented and puer. You will get gold-standard examples of famous regional styles as well as the local “deep cuts” — innovative and lesser-known teas that are rarely available in the broader market. Examples of deliveries in the coming line-up include:

  • Shifeng Longjing plucked and crafted on the first day of 2022’s spring harvest. It comes alongside Hangzhou’s historic yet lesser-known black tea, Jiuqu Hong Mei, crafted from the very same heirloom Longjing tea bushes.
  • Jin Junmei from its original producer, Liang Junde. You’ll also receive Mr. Liang’s production of Guo Hong Guo, a rarely produced pan-fired black tea from Tongmu.
  • Five different Da Hong Pao rock wulongs from five different master tea makers of Wuyishan. Each tea has its own blend, its own roast, and its own craft. Five artists and five interpretations Wuyishan’s most iconic tea.
  • Five teas of Sichuan’s most famous teas, crafted from the original local cultivars, handmade with historic techniques. These teas are amongst the very first made in the entire country in the spring due to Sichuan’s climate and geography.

The full list of selections will evolve with the 2022 season and will be determined by what each tea maker chooses as their best from the harvest.

Tea maker Chen Zheng checking a basket of wulong tea during its charcoal roasting

If you are looking for a lower-priced and flexible alternative to this service, check out our The Tasting Flight service. It features a changing mix of good tea for everyday drinking.


How long will the subscription last?

Your purchase of The Origin Series subscription includes all 12 deliveries, one each month, starting February 2022 and ending January 2023.  Your deliveries will follow this schedule regardless of what payment option you choose.

How does registration work?

By its nature, this program is limited to a small number of registrants, and we will not be able to add registrations once deliveries start. Registration will close on January 24th, 2022, or when sold out, whichever comes sooner.

Registrations are considered final after December 15th, 2021 and cannot be canceled or refunded.

Can this subscription be purchased as a gift?

Yes! When checking out, select “ship to a different address” and enter the recipient’s address.

Do you offer international shipping?

We are pleased to offer international shipping at an additional flat rate of $350 ($29.17 / delivery). International orders are shipped by USPS Priority Mail international service with a tracking number. Please select “International” above when ordering.

Please note that USPS is unable to guarantee international delivery times due to COVID-19. For the current status on delays and suspensions of international delivery from the United States, please refer to this website.

How are my teas delivered?

Each delivery ships in the 4th week of each month. Deliveries are sent by USPS with a 2-5 business day delivery time in the United States and 6-20 days internationally.

Your first shipment will arrive in mid-February 2022 regardless of when you sign up between now and January 24th, 2022

When will I be charged?

If you select the one-time payment option, you will be charged once at the time of purchase.

If you select the 4 payment billing option, you will be charged $260 (or $347.50 for international delivery) at the time of purchase and then three more payments of $260 (or $347.50) spaced in 90 day intervals apart from each other.

Can I change my address during the year?

Kindly contact us and we will be glad to change your delivery address for you.

Tea bushes planted in terraces in a pristine valley in Fujian with a natural waterfall.