Puer Cake Tea Sampler

Small Samples from Sheng and Shu Puer Cakes

Explore the robust, complex flavors and aromas of sheng puers and the deep, sweet smoothness of shu puers without having to invest in a whole puer cake.


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Puer tea is traditionally stored in large compressed tea cakes of 357 grams or more, which are often made with higher quality leaves than loose leaf puer. While puer cakes are often the most economical way to purchase tea, they can be a large investment. We’ve included small samples of several different puer cakes so you can taste these excellent and unusual teas without having to buy a whole cake. Give the robust, complex flavors and aromas of sheng puer and the deep, sweet smoothness of shu puer a try. Includes 10 grams (2 servings) each of every tea. Total 60 grams tea. Each serving of leaves can be re-infused multiple times.

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Every season, we update the selection of teas included in the sampler. While the teas may change, you can always expect a variety of quality choices from our catalog.

The selections included in the tea sampler are listed below. Click on the names of each tea to learn more about their origin and processing style.

Please note that packaging materials and tea may change from that pictured according to available stock.

Puer Cake Tea Sampler

Da Xue Shan (Snow Mountain) 2012 Sheng Puer Tea

Jing Mai Chun Cha (Jing Mai Early Spring) 2011 Sheng Puer Tea

Hei Zi Juan (Purple Leaf) 2008 Sheng Puer Tea

Shu Long Zhu (Sweet Dragon Ball) 2016 Shu Puer Tea

Chen Xiang (Aged Aroma) 2015 Shu Puer Tea

Tai Lian Fang Zhuan (Tai Lian Brick) 2004 Shu Puer Tea