Ru Yao Horseshoe Shape Ceramic Cup

115 mL

A refined ceramic cup with thick gray silken-finish Ru Yao Tian Qing glaze with a crackle pattern and painted with a small bird and flowering branch.

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A small painted bird and flowering branch adorn one side of this refined cup. Made in the old horseshoe shape style, this deep cup has a wide mouth to allow the tea to cool quickly. The very thick glaze has a silken finish and a faint crackled pattern. The distinctive pale gray color of the glaze is known as Ru Yao Tian Qing. This was the favorite color of the Song Dynasty emperor Song Hui Zhong. Its pale semi-translucence resembles the ethereal color of the sky right after rain, just before the sun shines through the dispersing clouds. The warm brown rims of the cup and exposed base clay of the foot contrast beautifully with this pale, cool color. Part of a matching set with our Ru Yao Horseshoe Shape Ceramic Gaiwan, sold separately. Capacity 115 mL.