Ru Yao Moonlight Glaze Ceramic Cup

90 mL

A warm white Ru Yao moonlight glaze ceramic cup with a matte finish that is soft to the touch, inspired by the gentle character of moonlight.

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The porcelain tea ware from the famous lost Ru Yao kiln in the Song Dynasty inspired the design of this Ru Yao moonlight glaze ceramic cup. Ceramics from Ru Yao are now incredibly rare. However, this style of tea ware has seen a revival in recent years. It has become popular in China now to make tea ware that mimics this antique style.

This wide-mouthed cup has a smooth, round shape slightly fluted at the lip. The matte finish of its thick glaze gives it a warm, soft feel when held. Inspired by the gentle character of moonlight, the warm white color of the opaque glaze beautifully showcases the color of any tea poured into it. This high-quality ceramic cup is a good size for either sharing a pot of tea or for single service.