Ru Zhu Compact Travel Tea Set

100 mL / 230 mL / 40 mL

A compact travel tea set with a small white porcelain gaiwan and three cups, a glass pitcher, a tea towel and a reinforced zippered carrying case.


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This compact travel tea set includes a small gaiwan, three cups, and a pitcher, as well as a tea towel and a reinforced carrying case. The simple bamboo-painted white porcelain gaiwan and cups nest together inside a small cloth bag, with one cup fitting inside the gaiwan and two underneath it. The whole stack fits inside the clear glass pitcher. Wrapped in the tea towel, the entire set sits snugly in its zippered gray carrying case, which has a carabiner and small fastening strap attached for portability. The gaiwan holds 100 mL, while the cups each hold 40 mL and the pitcher can hold 230 mL. Carrying case dimensions: 13 x 10 x 10 cm.

This set is wonderful for gong fu style brewing and enjoying controlled, separate infusions of your tea. Take your ritual of carefully brewing your tea anywhere you wander with this classic and convenient tea set.