Shi Bian Qing Shui Ni Yixing Teapot

230 ml


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Shi Bian means “flat persimmon” shape. The potter has copied the shape of a fresh persimmon with its stem attached. The persimmon is a symbol of abundance in Chinese culture.

The clay used to make this pot is Qing Shui Ni, one of the most popular clays in use for Yixing Pots since the Qing Dynasty. Also called, “red-purple clay” because after firing it will turn to red, but its red is a shade different than Zhu Ni. Many people collect Qing Shui Ni pots for their classical look. The clay is also favored by pot makers because it is very easy to work with and only shrinks about 12% when fired. The clay is fired at about 1160 degrees celsius.

This medium-size pot is suitable for every type of tea.


Yixing pots are traditionally unglazed, allowing them to both mineralize tea brewed in them and allow the tea to “breathe” through its permeable surface. This qualities enhance the flavor of the tea brewed in the pot. Over centuries of Chinese tea culture and tradition, Yixing pots have endured in popularity for this very reason.

An unglazed pot will easily absorb the flavors of tea brewed in it. We suggest devoting a pot a single category of tea for the most pure flavor. Additionally, never use soap to wash your Yixing pot, as it will absorb this flavor too.